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The Zone

The Zone

Mysteries of the Zone

Many of you have seen MSN sysops. I like to think of these guys like AGENTS from the film "The Matrix". In fact, I'm sure that these guys get around in dark suits and glasses, and have the earpiece and all.

Given that the Sysops are in charge of a virtual kindergarden full of bad mouthed little losers, it's a wonder they don't consider some sort of violent act.

I have been curious about the powers of these mystical beings and I've been watching them closely and studying them like a lab rat studies a scientist.

The case being now they really hate us. It appears there is a zone sysop notice board. No doubt the login we use has made an appearence on this notice board. Some sysops seem quite happy to pretend that nothing has happened, (good work guys) but other sysops seem to have the little nazi attitude and have made it a personal vendetta against one faceless login name. Maybe the zone would like to review the employment of such sysops. Overall, I would like to thank the majority of sysops for their good work.

Some of you have seen twilight zone and ice zone how they interface to the zone. I've found it very interesting how access to the zone is controled any how it is not.
Given that most users are booted for just five minutes, it doesn't warrant hacking your way back in. I was once booted for five minutes and took advantage of that time to work out
how to get back in, noting that my other logins didn't work.
The five minutes time out was well spent and I doubt next time I get booted, (I'm not a user that gets booted) it won't be for more than 30 seconds.
A word of warning to the average young fool who thinks he can do this too.... ponder six months if you get it wrong !

Never the less, if you think you're up to programing for the zone, then contact me. I'm sure you can find me if you have the brainpower.

Furthermore I'm not prepared to discuss illegal cracking
of zone computers etc. I am prepared to discuss how the zone does what it does and when it does it. If you know what I mean !

I'm interested in hearing what punishments have been handed out to players. A few of us have had some varying punishments over the past few weeks and I must say we had some fun extracting action from the sysops. I'd like to appoligise on behalf of these few rare cases to the people we've annoyed. There are of course a few we'd like to keep anoying because you really need a behavioural modification, but we'll leave that one alone I think.